Hair Services



Would you like to revel in a soothing facial treatment & replace tiredness & fine lines with glowing, firm & hydrated skin? Come to Nail Candy Beauty Spa & go through a new facial experience that will give you the difference you are looking for.
Our facial treatments cater to all of your specific needs. Ranging from simply relaxing & refreshing facials to deep cleansing, lifting & anti-ageing treatments. Facials remove dead skin cells and toxins from your face as well as relieve you from stress. Also, the increased flow of oxygen-enriched blood to your skin, rejuvenates & instils a new youthful glow to your face.


Our Facial Services:

Organic Mini Facial (25 Mins) 120 AED


When time is a factor, try this shortened version of our complete facial focusing on the basics: cleansing, masking, hydration & protection, using our organic formulated milk & lemon mask. This is suited for all skin types.

Organic Classic Facial (45 Mins) 170 AED

If you’ve never had a facial before, this is a place to start. An excellent, relaxing facial to attend to the needs of all skin types. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, using our organic milk & lemon mask, followed by neck & shoulder massage.

Deep Cleansing Facial (60 Mins) 290 AED

An extreme cleansing facial which includes the basics of our organic classic facial with the addition of steaming & extra cleaning of the pores on the t-section.

Anti-Ageing Facial (90 Mins) 390 AED

A firming & lifting facial which includes all steps of our deep cleansing facial with the addition of a luxurious lifting facial massage, eye treatment & mask.

We welcome both appointments and walk-ins during our regular business hours. For more information and details, please feel free to give us a call.


Hair Services

Hair Services

By combining the art & science of hairdressing, we offer a variety of hair services & well trained hair stylists. To ensure your hair looks at its best. From regular treatments, such as cuts, style & colour to upbeat waves, hair extensions & Bridal. We take care of all kinds of hair style & treatments.

At Nail Candy Beauty Spa, we have a dedicated team to meet all of your needs. From your regular highlights or ‘Big Waves’ for a night out on the town, to simply treating yourself to a hair treatment & amazing head massage. Get the style you love whilst indulging in our excellent care & customer service. We provide excellent hair services using the best in hair design, product ranges and technology.


Our Hair services:


Flat-Iron Straight Style

We know very well how to straighten your hair in a way that doesn't damage it. After blow-drying the hair, we spray each section evenly to protect your hair prior to using the flat iron.


Hot Iron Wave/Curl Style

You don't need to be born with curly hair. At Nail Candy, you can get this style in no time at all… just the way you like it.

Looking for hair up styles for a wedding, party or formal occasion? For chic buns and pretty ponytails to elegant up-dos and half up or half down hair, browse our many options to choose the perfect style for you.


Shampoo & Blow-dry

We use shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair using the highest quality of hair products. Once it's done, we blow dry your hair to give it that final touch. Making your hair look & feel fresh & healthy.


Shampoo & Cut/Trim

If you’ve got a little more time to relax, you might want to consider our shampoo & cut service.  This treatment includes a thorough shampoo & conditioner prior to your cut, using luxurious leading products.


Shampoo, Cut/Trim & Blow-dry

We shampoo & condition your hair, then cut/trim as per your requirement. Once everything is done, we blow dry your hair to give it that fresh, luscious and pampered look.


Fringe Cut

Such a classic hairstyle that comes in so many shapes and styles that there is zero chance of not finding the one that is right for you. Whether you want a blunt full fringe or a sultry sweeping style, we've got it all to offer.


Little Miss Candy Cut

Hair styles and haircuts for our little princesses. Who says now that you have to wait until you are adult to look good?


Full Hair Colour

Hair colour is such a powerful tool when it comes to completing an overall look. Good hair colour makes you a beautiful & powerful woman. It can take years off your appearance and enhance your natural features like your skin tone & eye colour. It ensures your hair is shiny, looks in great condition & is drenched in rich complimentary colours.


Highlights (Half & Full)

Hair highlighting/lowlighting refers to changing a person's hair colour, using lightener or hair colour to colour hair strands. Highlights can be done in natural or unnatural colours.


Highlights T-sec

Highlight T-section highlight the hairs in approximately 1/4th of the head, specifically in the top and crown area. This is generally advised for those who don't want to overdo it with the highlighting, who have highlights but simply want to cover the new growth, or who simply want to add a little spark to their hair for special occasions.


Root Colour

Extend the life of your hair colour. Root Colour gives your hair a boost, covering roots and greys anytime between regular colourings.



Toners are pretty much non-permanent hair dyes that are used to fix colours & alter the brassy tones in hair, post bleach. The formula grabs on to shades of orange & yellow to neutralize them into a different shade of blonde, silver, or even pastel. Toners are used after hair has been pre-lightened to add soft, delicate tones to the freshly lightened hair.


Conditioning Treatment

We treat & condition your hair using high quality and professional hair care products with a variety of hair conditioners & treatments to repair, hydrate, strengthen, and smoothen your hair. Hot oil treatment also available which is great for the scalp.


Hair Botox

Unlike other hair straightening products in the market, Hair Botox is 100% Formaldehyde-free. Making it non-damaging to your hair and most importantly, to your health. It is a deep conditioner that reconstructs hair, producing frizz-free locks for all types of hair.


We welcome both appointments and walk-ins during our regular business hours. For more information and details, please feel free to give us a call.



Our well-planned range of massage services are aimed to give a therapeutic experience to you all. It rejuvenates and relieves you from the stress of daily life, as well as being a treatment to simply pamper yourself. We employ an array of massage technics by a team of well-trained professionals who can help you with the massage treatments that suit you best. It is an all-round pampering experience that you’re going to receive at Nail Candy Beauty Spa within an aromatic & enjoyable setting.  

There are plenty of researches that reiterate the enormous benefits of massage. Which range from treating chronic diseases, neurological disorders & injuries, to alleviating the tensions of modern lifestyles. As a result, the medical community strongly advocate to include massage as a fundamental part of life. In Nail Candy Beauty Spa massage services, you’ll find a powerful ally in your healthcare regime.

Our Massage Services:


Swedish (60 Mins) 200 AED

Swedish massage is performed with a variety of strokes to address most major muscle groups of the body. The main benefit is the overall relaxation it provides, eliminating mental stress, relieving pain and improving circulation.

Shiatsu (60 Mins) 200 AED

A Japanese massage applying pressure to points of the body. Focusing on rotating & stretching the limbs, joints & pressure points, the shiatsu therapy has many health benefits, such as relieving fatigue & overall weakness. Improving circulation, reducing stress, tension & anxiety.

Anti-Cellulite (80 Mins) 245 AED

The anti-cellulite massage contains the orthodox procedure of pressing the body with varying pressures & gestures to displace the tissues and cellulite that is stuck under the skin. The therapist uses hand movements & techniques to stimulate circulation, and eliminate toxins & extra water, resulting in reduction/removal of cellulite. If done properly, the cellulite gets distributed evenly in the area, making the area look smarter and toned. Suggested Anti-Cellulite Package for Maximum Results (6 Sessions)

Back Massage (30 Mins) 95 AED (60 Mins) 180 AED

Head & Face Massage (30 Mins) 75 AED

"Stressbuster" (10 Mins) 35 AED

Foot Massage (30 Mins) 85 AED

Express Foot Massage (15 Mins) 45 AED

Shoulder, Neck & Head (30 Mins) 85 AED

Reflexology 105 AED

Reflexology  W/Scrub & Paraffin 170 AED

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific points on the feet to influence the health of corresponding part of the body. As reflexology techniques stimulate these sensors, waves of relaxation are sent throughout the body.

Benefits of Reflexology
Everyone can benefit enormously from reflexology, the treatment can help relax, alleviate symptoms of certain disorders, and generally improve your quality of life.
Our Reflexology Services:
•    Reflexology (30 Minutes)
•    Reflexology W/Scrub & Paraffin



Nothing can rival a well-executed threading in developing the perfect shape eyebrows & hair free appearance. Therefore, we take great care while treating you, to give the best results that you want to achieve in threading. Threading is considered as the most effective method of hair removal techniques that can target individual hairs for precise shape & smooth finish.

Threading is less painful, more precise & longer lasting than waxing. It can be performed on any area of the face including the eyebrows, upper lip & chin.  Drop into Nail Candy Beauty Spa to undergo an impeccable threading experience by our highly trained & professional beauty therapists.

Our Threading Services:


Eyebrows 40 AED 


Upper Lip 30 AED 


Chin 25 AED


Neck 25 AED


Sides 40 AED


Full Face (no eyebrows) 70 AED





Gel & Acrylic nails enhance the look, strength & length of the natural nail. Gel & Acrylic provides a glossy, natural look as well as being more sturdy & durable than the natural nail. It can be applied as an Overlay or Extension (Tips or Paper form available). At Nail Candy Beauty Spa, our highly trained nail technicians take great care of your hands and feet with an array of services, including Nail Art.

Using Gel or Acrylic, the length & shape of your nails can be perfected. You can choose exactly how you want your nails to look & how you want to present yourself. When our nails are perfectly shaped & decorated, it speaks volumes about how well we take care of ourselves. As well as being attractive, caring for our nails is also healthy. Our Gel & Acrylic treatments make your nails stand out with elegance. You will be surprised to see how following our guide to maintaining your Gel/Acrylic, will lead to standing out beautifully in a crowd.


Our Gel/Acrylic Services:

Natural Acrylic/Gel Full Set 335 AED

French Acrylic/Gel Full Set 375 AED

Natural Acrylic/Gel Overlay 265 AED

Acrylic/Gel Re-Fill 195 AED

Buff & Shine 75 AED

Removal 95 AED

We recommended the Buff & Shine treatment after 10 days of the Full Set or Overlay application. This maintains the look & quality of your nails.
‘Re-Fill’ is recommended another 7-10 days after the Buff & Shine to ensure your Gel or Acrylic is long lasting & consistently beautiful.

Our highly trained Nail Technicians can advise you when it is a good time to fully remove the Gel & Acrylic to re-apply the Full Set/Overlay again.
Nail polish lasts longer on Gel/Acrylic than it does on the natural nail, which is complimentary. However for even longer lasting colour, we recommend Gelish or Shellac for an additional fee.   

We welcome both appointments and walk-ins during our regular business hours. For more information and details, please feel free to give us a call




We offer the best pedicure services in Dubai, making your feet & toe nails exceptionally beautiful & healthy with various nail treatments. Combining an exquisite range of foot care products that has anti-ageing and moisturizing properties, we make your feet look much younger and elegant. Regular pedicures also have therapeutic and medical purposes, which can help prevent nail disease & disorders.
Contrary to popular misconception. Pedicures not only look after the nails, but care for the feet as well. Leg care below the knee is also considered within the pedicure treatments.

Our pedicure services get your nails shaped, buffed & re-hydrated, whilst also giving your feet that revitalized & radiant look & feel.
Our Pedicure Services:


Classic pedicure 85 AED

Basically, it’s not basic at all, start with the foot soak of mandarin salt, and scrubbing. It also consists of nail shaping, filling, foot massage and finishing with nail polish. A simply elegant way to pamper your feet.

Organic scrub pedicure 100 AED

Truly scrumptious, this unique brown sugar based exfoliating treatment is infused with almond oil to condition & smooth the feet.

Milk & honey pedicure 155 AED

A healing, hydrating soak of milk & honey, relaxing massage & warm towel compress give your feet that extra attention. The pedicure begins with a milk & honey bath followed by a thorough exfoliation with our organic oatmeal scrub.

Warm clay spa pedicure 100 AED

It uses warm clay to treat your feet and provide a rich, deeply penetrating treatment.

Paraffin pedicure 110 AED

This is a generous foot polish of paraffin. Following the paraffin polish, your feet take a place in an exfoliating sea salt soak & scrub. Revel in the finishing touches with a luxurious lotion foot massage.

Anti-stress master pedicure 160 AED

It is a perfect pedicure to pamper tired feet. An organic formulated exfoliating treatment & hot foot soak followed by our 15-minute ‘stress buster’ foot massage. Your feet will feel 100% renewed!

Miss candy pedicure 55 AED

Young firls feels like princesses when they dip their toes into the bubble foot bath.(For children 12 years & under only)



We offer a host of unique manicure services to make your nails dazzling to the amazement of those around you. It goes without saying that hands and nails are integral parts of cleanliness and elegance. Each individual nail has the potential to make an impact, which is why they need to be treated with utmost care. We want to make your nails shows your admirable personality. In our soothing spa ambiance with many additional pampering features, you can find your ideal spot for all your manicure needs.

All of our services are customizable, so if you are looking for something more unique to you, get in touch with us now.



Hand Treatment Services:


Organic Scrub Manicure 90 AED

Truly scrumptious, this unique brown sugar-based exfoliating treatment is infused with almond oil to condition and smooth your hands. With Almond Oil To Condition And Smooth The Hands.


Warm Clay Spa Manicure 90 AED

It uses warm clay to treat your hands & provide a rich, deeply penetrating treatment. Your hands will feel truly pampered!


Paraffin Manicure 100 AED

This is a generous hand polish of paraffin, followed by a luxurious lotion arm massage, leaving your hands feeling baby soft!


Oatmeal & Honey Manicure 125 AED

A healing, hydrating oatmeal & honey scrub, relaxing massage & warm towel compress gives your nails that extra attention they crave! The manicure begins with oatmeal & honey scrub, with thorough exfoliation.


Anti-Stress Master Manicure 160 AED

It is a perfect manicure if you want to have younger looking hands. It includes an exfoliating treatment, followed by our organic formulated lifting hand mask. This treatment will tighten and smooth your hands to a more youthful appearance.


Miss Candy Manicure 50 AED

Young girls feel like princesses when The Nail Candy Team pamper them. It comprises or Nail shaping & filing, light arm massage with sweet scented lotion & a nail polish of their choice. (for children under 12 years old only) Nail art also available.


Shellac/Gelish Polish 

Gel Polish is long lasting & chip free for up to 2 weeks. This product cured under a UV or LED lamp, which means no drying time and you can leave the salon without worrying about damage.


  • Gel Polish Manicure 135 AED
  • Gel Polish Change 80 AED
  • Nail Repair (Per Nail) 16 AED


Nail Candy Beauty Spa Additional Nail Services


  • Full Set Nail Art  95 AED
  • Gemstones (per stone)  5 AED
  • Callus Treatment 45 AED